Continuing from last post, I shall go in detail for other shopping carts (pros and cons) in very short.
Interspire being my personal favourite, I have not explored any other in details but this is my eyeview about the same.
1) Magento
This comes in two editions 1) community base , 2) Enterprise edition by its core team
One thing very much not visble here is that community edition exist ever since Magento came in existance and it was very much developed by the same developers. Magento Enterprise edition is not so new, according to my knowledge its just 6-8 months old so i am not aware of its success. But one thing which is quite clear is 9000$ a year for enterprise edition would just be too big.. I would always go for 4000$ interspire and have best of the things with out recurring payments.
If some buddy likes my suggestion do go to interspire from banner beside this.
A good product, reasonalble in price has good features too, recently moved to web2.0 and ajax based design with 300$ it is a good option for somebody to start from this..
Don’t know much about the available support for the migration.
Rest in next post..